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Ancestor Spotlight - E.F. Clarke

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

Be careful of the genealogy rabbit hole! This ancestor spotlight story didn't start out to be one, but evolved as I went about checking on some facts. Edward Fielding Clarke was the brother of my maternal great-great grandmother, Loulie Leona Clarke. I saw on my ancestry tree that he had five wives, and decided to double check my work. I was contemplating a quick social media post about the man who was married six times to five wives, but it got away from me as soon as I searched the historical newspapers!

You will need to download the attached document to read the whole thing.

EF Clarke Spotlight_final
Download DOCX • 2.48MB

This is the summary table of his life events.

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This must be the result of the question you posed in your December 30 BU post. Apparently the political theory was correct. Sometimes these side branches of our families provide some of the most fascinating dramas. While chasing one of my own rabbits, I discovered my 3 great-granduncle was a newspaper editor in Hannibal, MO. He had a young apprentice named Samuel Clemens.

Julie Tonseth
Julie Tonseth
Jan 25, 2023
Replying to

yes it is! It just kept going and going and finally ended up in the same state I am in! Thanks for commenting!

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