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Augustin L. Guillory (1808 -1873)

I am starting to dread when I pick an ancestor's name, place and date and search on to see if anything comes up. This person, Augustin L. Guillory is NOT a direct line ancestor which is confusing because I have another Augustin Guillory in my line. They were cousins both grandsons of my 5th Great Grandfather, Joseph Louis Guillory. Whew! Anyway, the sons of this man were wanted for murder and had been hiding in Texas before shooting their way out. The dad is listed as fierce, vigorous and vindictive at the ripe old age of 65 - 70 years old. He gets involved in his son's "regular old Creole fist duel" where 2 other men die, along with him, after they amputated his leg. Sheesh! The full article which is really long, is attached below. (St. Landry Democrat, Aug 15, 1873, Page 3)

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